society of accredited marine surveyors (sams AMS #1158)



Thomas K. Rose - Marine Survey & Consulting Inc




8 months ago
Tom was brought in to survey my perspective boat by my broker.  To my broker's surprise we knew each other from our submarine days when Tom was a Pilot.  Tom's survey was spot on the level of detail I would expect from a retired Navy Captain and Pilot, absolutely perfect.  He provided views into every aspect, I knew clearly what I was getting into.  I have carried out every one of his recommendations (after purchasing the boat upon his recommendation (at his recommended price)) and she is flawless.  I would highly recommend you have Tom look at every one of your future purchases, and if you are looking to trade up, Tom's survey is worth Gold for a broker to help you find the right buyer.


Bernie Armstrong
8 months ago
I had Tom survey a Cape Dory a few days ago and am very pleased with his work.  He went over the boat with a fine tooth and answered every question I had to my satisfaction.  I received his final report in about 3 days and found it very detailed. In it, he pointed out all deficiencies and provided recommendations for each item.  I recommend him for any marine survey needed.

Aaron Wenholz
8 months ago
Having dealt with Tom on many levels of purchase, selling and project management,  I can tell you we greatly appreciate his knowledge, experience and logical thinking.  He's pretty dang nice guy too!  I would not hesitate to recommend him for your surveys and inspections in fact I would recommend no one else but Tom Rose.


Nic Daniel
8 months ago
Thomas really saved my boat. His knowledge base and experience are amazing. If you want to an honest and thorough survey Thomas is the man for you.


John Hollingsworth
8 months ago
Tom adjusted his schedule to meet mine. He provided a detailed report with an extensive library of pictures to document discrepancies as he saw them. The report was delivered within a day of the survey and beat all other surveyors price. Highly recommended.



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