society of accredited marine surveyors (sams AMS #1158)



Thomas K. Rose - Marine Survey & Consulting Inc




PrePurchase Surveys (Comprehensive)  (2019)

VESSELS UP TO 30'   LENGTH OVER-ALL                                         $17/FT   

VESSELS FROM  31' TO 36' LENGTH OVER-ALL                               $18/FT

VESSELS FROM  37' TO 47' LENGTH OVER-ALL                               $19/FT

VESSELS FROM  48' TO 58' LENGTH OVER-ALL                               $20/FT

VESSELS OVER 59' LENGTH OVER-ALL                                           BY CONTRACT

Travel Surcharges (2019)

Within  45 minutes of Poulsbo                                                                 Within base rate

Tacoma                                                                                            $40 + bridge toll

Seattle                                                                                             $80 + ferry

Everett                                                                                             $80 + ferry

Edmonds                                                                                        Ferry cost only

Port Angeles                                                                                    $80


So what's involved?? Comprehensive pre-purchase surveys can take a minimum of 4hrs and up to 8-10 to conduct for vessels up to 50' ... along with preliminary research conducted prior ... and the formulation of the report after which takes anywhere from 2-3hours.  


VESSELS OF WOODEN CONSTRUCTION                                        + $2.00/FT

  (Why is that? -- Wooden vessels are more complex and deserve more concerted

   inspection and time devoted -- especially older vessels requiring closer inspection)

OIL SAMPLES                                                                                         $40/sample

   Oil samples can be taken of all machinery lube oil and coolants 

   with report and analysis provided -- this generally takes a week to 

   return from the lab.

DAMAGE INSPECTION/GENERAL CONSULTING                                $100/hr

IN-THE-WATER REINSURANCE SURVEY                        $14 - $18/ft up to 58' LOA

Confirmation of structure, systems, and safety to satisfy routine insurance requirements.


The vessel will be taken through a number of underway performance exercises ... along with observing the operation of all equipment under load.  Generally this is in addition to a regular pre-purchase survey ... elected to confirm satisfactory operation and performance of the vessel.  $65/hour in addition to general survey rate.


EXTENDED TRAVEL OUT-OF-STATE OR OVERNIGHT                      $175/day

    This covers lodging, meals, and fuel

    (Parking and any ferry charges additional by agreement)



     On board service is provided for specialized concerns for the boat-owner ... underway boat-handling  & seamanship training is offered one-on-one.